Pregnancy photos

Pregnancy is a magical time, when the woman’s body is becoming a temple of serenity and harmony.

The little man inside the mothers belly makes the world become not-so-evil anymore, and those nine months is not only the time, when the baby is growing, but it is the time for the woman to prepare for the most beautiful role she will ever fulfill.

This unique time is worth saving, thus we offer a professional photo shoot for the parents, which will allow them to recall those wonderful moments for a long time.

We realize that pregnancy, despite it’s advantages, can be also unpleasant for the young mother, thus we are as understanding as we can be. In other words, dear mums!- your changes of mood or difficulties in fulfilling certain tasks are very well known to us 🙂 We can hangle it together! We are capable of supplying the photo shoot with multiple props, but it is worth it to bring personal belongings, like for example small boots, USG pictures or the name of the baby in frame.

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